Pre-Owned Windows For Sale

Saving the past to beautify the future

Throughout the United States, declining memberships in congregations have led to the closing of many religious institutions in some areas while at the same time, churches in other areas have been rapidly expanding and building to accommodate growing church memberships.

It has been an interesting phenomenon that John Phillips Sr. has witnessed over the past 35 years from his unique perspective as a stained glass expert.

In the early eighties, John Phillips Sr. came up with an idea that would help many churches for years to come. While consulting with two churches in one day, he realized that one was closing while the other one was expanding and building a new sanctuary. Each had specific needs that he could help them meet together. A new service idea was born!

Associated Crafts now provides this service throughtout the United States. Our staff has been helping religious institutions that are closing to sell their stained glass windows to churches that are growing and in need of stained glass windows for their new sanctuaries and auditoriums.

AC - 1068  
"These complete Life of Christ Windows by George Sotter, who studied under William Willet are in good condition. They feature the 12 Apostles, 4 Saints & the 5 Mysteries of the Rosary. They are ready for shipping. Please contact Associated Crafts at 888-503-1184 for price and sizes."

"This beautiful set is available for $62,000, includes removal and shipping cost. Windows are in good condition. Windows measure 3.5 X 12.5 feet & 11 X 4 feet."

AC -1067  
"Three Kings Window. This beautiful hand painted window is 3 feet by 8 feet. Priced at $7200. Buyer pays for shipping and removal."