Victorian Stained Glass

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A revival of the art and craft of stained glass window manufacture took place in Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria. The revival led to stained glass windows becoming a very common and easy to understand form of storytelling for churches. Many of the people that typically would not entertain the commissioning of a painting, found it very gratifying to contribute to the purchase of stained glass windows for their parish.

Thomas Willement, "the father of Victorian stained glass", is credited with starting the revival with an armorial window that he created in 1811. Armorial windows contained very precisely painted shields and heraldic designs made from many different pieces of coloured stained glass. Willement had been the armorial painter to George IV (1820-1830) and became, by Royal Patent, "Artist in Stained Glass" to Queen Victoria.

The historic victorian stained glass still influences the artist at Associated Crafts in today’s new creations.