Tiffany Stained Glass

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Louis Comfort Tiffany (February 18, 1848 - January 17, 1933) revolutionized the look of stained glass in the late 19th Century in America. The process of creating stained glass has essentially remained unchanged for centuries in Europe. Craftsman would use flat panes of white and colored glass that were then painted with glass paints before the firing and leading process.

Favrile Glass

Tiffany vigorously worked in his studio to design a new type of opalescent glass called Favrile, and got it patented in 1892. Favrile glass was created by mixing different colors of glass together while still hot. Tiffany's technique created unique and deeply toned colors in the stained glass that did not require painting.

Favrile stained glass can also be identified with its iridescence characteristic. An iridescence surface is one that appears to change colors when viewed at different angles or from a change in the illumination of light hitting the stained glass surface.

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