Stained Glass Window Panels

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Stained glass window panels are decorative pieces of art that are made to hang on the inside of windows. Adding a stained glass window panel to a room or entry way is a great way to add natural light and character to a home. Hanging a stained glass window panel is not as difficult as one may think. Stained glass window panels can be carefully hung on hooks that are attached to the existing framework of the original windows. They typically attach to the hooks with decorative chains or wire that is connected to the stained glass window panel. Stained glass window panels can be permanently left in place, or taken down and moved to another location or window.

Stained glass panels also refer to the sections of a much larger stained glass window. Associated Crafts artist will design a very large stained glass window in smaller more manageable panels. As a rule of thumb we like to keep the stained glass panels under 12 square feet.