Repair Stained Glass

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Refers to onsite repair work such as broken glass replacement, bulge reduction, and securing of loose braces, etc.

The actual work done to stained glass is broken down into two categories: repair and restoration (re-leading). Often a combination of the two may be required. This information should assist you in making the correct selection for your particular church.

Broken or Cracked Glass

This keeps the originality intact of a historic window, we recommend replacing only the broken but not cracked glass. View replacement as a last resort. Cracked pieces that are not missing areas are to be either supported by Dutchmen, sealed with epoxy, or edge glued (in re-leading). These repairs will support and secure the original piece.


Another common problem is the bowing or sagging of an area of stained glass. Due to years of exposure, gravity, heat build-up, settling and improper bracing, bulging can occur in most stained glass.

To correct this problem, the affected panel needs to be removed from the frame and carefully placed flat on a table. Once the panel is flat, broken joints need to be soldered. The original bracing may need to be re-attached or new bracing added to support the weakened area. For restoration purposes, it is important that everything is as genuine as possible. For loose braces, we either solder, or wire them to the panel.

The skilled craftsman of Associated Crafts can help your church stay in budget by performing repair of stained glass at the project site.