Protection can be beautiful with Associated Crafts® Klear-Flo Protective Glazing System. If you would like to protect your windows from the elements of nature as well as vandals while reducing maintenance and energy costs, Associated Crafts can help. We offer a product that can help preserve your church’s stained glass for years to come.

Protection Can Be Beautiful

With Associated Crafts innovative protective glazing system, your beautiful stained glass windows will remain beautiful as a result of our special contouring techniques that allow the natural architecture to remain dominant. The Klear-Flo glazing system is properly vented through the frame for each installation. Our aesthetically pleasing and highly functional custom vents feature a screening and filtering system.

Klear-Flo framing has been specifically designed for Associated Crafts customers and is the result of many years of development and testing -- making it the most effective system available today. The glazing system is available in three standard colors - white, limestone and bronze. Custom colors can also be made available.

Associated Crafts offers four different types of glazing materials for our Klear-Flo system. Our consultants are often asked which choice of glazing material is best and our answer is that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Our job is to clearly explain both sides to our customers so that it will help them make a quality decision for their particular church and its particular needs.