New Creations

Father Vincent Crosby

Rev. Vincent Crosby is a Benedictine monk from Pennsylvania, specializing as an expert liturgical artist in the design and execution of quality pieces for the Liturgy. Father Vincent did undergradute studies as a sculpture major at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. After a year of independent studies in Rome, he went on to earn an M.F.A. in Fibers and Fabrics from the Catholic University in America. Since then he has dedicated his life to serving the Church as a Artist.

Father Vincent is a member of St. Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, Pa., the country’s first Benedictine monastery founded in 1846 on the principles of the sixth-century St. Benedict. Crosby follows the “rule of St. Benedict,” which guides the life of most Catholic monasteries in the world. “The goal is that each monk works at something that supports the whole community, not just financially but morally and spiritually as well”.

Father Vincent brings a fresh new dimension to the craft of stained glass and to the outstanding team at Associated Crafts. Father Vincent has a unique ability to listen to what the client wants and then capture it in compelling design. His look is fresh and simple, with well-thought-out symbolism, and his enthusiasm for stained glass — a new craft for him — is infectious.