Antique Stained Glass

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Antique Stained Glass refers to historic stained glass windows that have been introduced into churches all over the world. These antique pieces of work have brought elegant beauty to cathedrals and churches.

Associated Crafts is a family owned and operated stained glass studio that specializes in restoration and preservation of architectural antique stained glass windows. We offer Nationwide and International service with craftsmen who are skilled in on-site restoration as well as in complete in-studio re-leading.

Associated Crafts is also very skilled in the installation of protective covering (glazing) to protect, insulate, and preserve your church windows.

Associated Crafts is committed to the preservation of the Stained Glass art. We have been purchasing antique windows from religious institutes who no longer want their Stained Glass treasures. Once we purchase these windows, we restore them and resell them to other churches.

We also offer owners, architects and insurance companies consultation services.